Areas of Support - Aviation, Space, Defense
and Maritime

Aviation, Space, Defense and Maritime Expert Services

Our AS&D and Maritime expert services can provide you with the technical experts from various professional disciplines to perform analysis of the facts and represent their findings at your request. Our credibility in the industry is founded upon our rich experience and unquestionable integrity.

All of our experts are professionally recognized and credentialed in their respective fields.  To remain relevant, our experts continue to be active and provide value in their respective industry segments.

ASD Experts has capabilities in the following areas:

  • Aerospace production and quality
  • Airline maintenance
  • Aircraft owner, pilot and mechanic responsibilities
  • FAA regulatory issues
  • DoD procurement issues
  • NASA procurement issues
  • Admiralty requirements and processes
  • Maritime operations
  • Contract compliance
  • False claims (Government contracts)
  • Product liability in manufacturing and maintenance
  • Supplier responsibilities
  • Management responsibilities
  • Personnel skills and training
  • Human factors
  • Safety management systems
  • International re-sourcing
  • Procurement processes
  • Air traffic operations
  • Engineering analysis
  • Design certification
  • Production certification
  • Nondestructive testing / evaluation
  • Special process controls
  • Accident reconstruction

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